10 Decor Ideas for Farmhouse That Perfectly Blend Old & Modern Style


Great news: You don’t have to throw out the place to dream for your farmhouse. Instead, all you need are a few cans with white paint, just a shiplap to cover your walls, and regenerated wood accents you can easily find. Take a look at this excellent farmhouse decoration to get an idea of all the inspiration you need to turn your farmhouse into something that is perfect according to your dream of reality. These ideas cover every space in your home, including the Entrance, Bathroom & Kitchen. You can decide if you want to make a small space at a time or if you have done a complete makeover on it.

Most of these combinations of farmhouse decorating ideas are modern and old, so you don’t have to skip the latest antiques finds you bought to complete these worthwhile looks.

Whitewashed House Entryway

Inspire your guests with what’s to come by make together a warm & inviting inspire entryway full of farmhouse-inspired accents, including, whitewashed furniture, shiplap & galvanized planters.

Suspended Wooden Mirrors

A room with many windows makes decorating difficult. However it’ll give guests a nature view, it makes little room to hang mirrors, artwork, or shelves unless you hang them from the ceiling with sturdy rope and an iron pulley.

Minimalistic Office Space

Bring in different textures & materials to put balance at your home’s country charm, with an antique wooden chair a Pair of understated metal desks for a country-chic look.

Frosted Pantry Doors

Look what happens in the pantry keep in the pantry, especially when you are going to close it off with these frosted French doors. Customize it with stick-on decals.

Linen and Wicker Blend

If your space is compact on the smaller side, Expand it up with light-colored fabrics, curtains, and some cozy furniture.  Keep between chairs offset the linen with a wicker basket-turned-main table and a basket weave jute rug.

Varying Wood Colors

Pine and pecan cooperate to add strong complexity to an apparently downplayed space. Go for a darker wood floor and lighter wood vanity to accomplish this look.

Pops of Color

Blend and match cushions, tosses, and floor coverings in corresponding pattend and hues. In any case, in the event that you truly need to say something, hang a metal light fixture in a shiplap-covered roof.

So these are the incredible ideas to transfer your farmhouse to blend with ancient and modern.

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