Introduction Of Modern Houses And Interior Design

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To all living style ideas, the question are raised and are answered in our article, which can help you in maintaining your lifestyle and creating a great surround; 

What are modern houses?

Modern homes reflect the latest design trends. It is not just about the traditional materials, colors and facilities. Modern houses are simple and serve as empty canvas, which express the individuality of the inhabitants with furniture and modern decorative elements. Modern houses have been around since the beginning of the 20th century – lots of glass, a radical simplicity and sleek shapes characterize this style. Due to the functionality, modern houses initially had the reputation of a “living machine”. Meanwhile, functionality and a modern design are combined in these houses. The tightrope walk for modern homes is not that easy, but with a bit of creativity you can turn any room into a beautiful eye-catcher. With us, you will receive valuable ideas on how to unite all that and what you should pay attention to, so that modern homes become your absolute dream homes. Nowadays, modern homes are increasingly being built in rural areas, where land prices tend to be lower.

How do I design modern houses?

When designing a modern home, you have to incorporate every room into the planning. Only then can it be ensured that the finished design ensures a harmonious overall picture. With a modern design, nothing is out of place as long as the design is well thought out and in harmony with each other. The keywords are elegance, harmony and simplicity. At homify you will receive valuable advice and inspiration for modern homes that you need to realize your dream home. We provide suggestions for modern homes, from the living room to the bathroom to the bedroom. And the outdoor area for modern houses is not forgotten: let yourself be inspired by our modern designs for balconies and conservatories. Once you see photos of modern homes you like, you can add them to an Ideabook with just one click. Your personal Ideabooks are the collection of inspirations – new photos can be added or removed at any time and the order can be changed as needed. Ideabooks already created are automatically saved in your profile – this way, you always have your ideas and inspirations for modern homes in mind. Because they are timeless and elegant, modern houses are not only suitable for young builders, but have a very high utility value for everyone.

What do I have to consider when planning a modern house?

When planning a modern home, there are a number of things to keep in mind. The easiest way is to add the information about modern houses to your Idea Book, so nothing is forgotten. Modern houses are usually flooded with light and are not limited to artificial lighting. It’s about making the rooms inviting and bright. And the color is very important, dark colors such as a rich red, dark gray or dark blue should – if at all – used only as a splash of color. In most modern houses you will find materials such as concrete, whitewashed plaster, as well as uncovered brickwork. Wherever possible, try to avoid clutter in a modern home – with enough storage space, this is best avoided. Modern homes stand for functionality, clean lines and flexibility

What do I have to consider when building a modern house?

Even when planning a modern house, it is advisable to pay attention to an ideal interplay of windows, rooms and the outside area. Even the exterior of a modern house should be clear and simple. However, that does not mean that sharp edges and eye-catching curves should not be used, but gables and crossbeams in the Tudor style should be avoided. No matter if the exterior walls are made of masonry or concrete, well chosen colors provide an appealing look. Many modern designs also use metalwork and glass to create entire walls. In warmer climates, winter gardens are also often used; in colder regions, care should be taken to ensure that these additional rooms are warm enough even in winter. Complexity does not fit with a modern house, so you should opt for straight lines and curves as well as a basic, cool color scheme. With appropriate decoration, the color can be adjusted later, if necessary, again to your own taste. If all this advice is taken into account when planning “modern living”, a first draft with a clear and beautiful layout is created.

What do modern houses cost?

Even if modern homes are stylishly designed and peppered with various functions, they do not have to cost the world. So that the costs for modern houses are not out of the ordinary, the materials used should be used efficiently. Energy efficiency saves a lot of money in the long term. Especially in a modern house, the existing space can be used meaningfully. In traditional homes, the space is often wasted on old-fashioned aspects, in a well-designed modern home, only as much space is needed as needed. Instead of spending money on superfluous functions, only useful features are used in a modern home. Anyone who completely rebuilds a modern house can, of course, incorporate state-of-the-art planning factors that can save money in the long term. Modern homes sometimes even generate more energy than is needed.

How to create modern interior design ideas?

The possibilities of creating beautiful rooms in a modern house are virtually unlimited. A seemingly timeless idea is parquet in combination with white walls. This achieves an excellent combination basis. Even if the interiors in a modern house should be kept simple: they do not need to be colorless. On the contrary: a modern interior and tasteful color stripes such as glass items and floral arrangements provide variety and individuality. You can express your creativity with prints and original works, but these should be used sparingly. The motto “Form follows function” by Louis Sullivan was already put forward in the 1920s and means that the function follows the aesthetics. In order to give the finishing touch to modern houses, an appealing modern decoration should not be missing.

Modern houses have the best insulation materials and a sophisticated, computer-controlled energy concept. Although modern houses inspire by an excellent quality, they are still no off-beat luxury objects. Simple colors and clean lines – modern houses should be reduced to the essentials in their interior. Apart from that, of course, enough storage space must be created. The more thoughtful and integrated this is, the better you can keep order. Concrete and glass provide a minimalist framework. Some modern houses may look unspectacular from the outside, but then surprise with a breathtaking interior. Here are some trends clearly towards modern homes which gives you great ideas:

here are some introduction to MODERN HOUSES and INTERIOR DESIGN :

In our hectic society, the Modern bedroom should be an oasis of calm. A retreat where you can escape the stresses of everyday life, read a book in peace, watch TV and, of course, find a restful sleep. A cozy bed, dim light and groomed paint should therefore be the beginning when it comes to the design of the bedroom. With this important piece of furniture one can express one’s own personality as well as provide an eye-catcher in the entire room – and, not to forget, set the course for a restful night’s sleep.

Inspired interior home decor design (30)

There are different styles to set up a Modern bathroom.  If you want to design a tailor-made bathroom, you must first know exactly which requirements and purposes it should ultimately fulfill. How much storage space is needed? Should the shower wall be primarily modern or practical and easy to clean? Of course, different requirements can be combined. However, the more you know in advance what you want, the easier it is to implement your own ideas to create your modern bathroom.


Inspired interior home decor design (29)

Before deciding on the color of doormats or towels, you should be aware of the concept of the modern bathroom. What colors will the floor have, should a wall be painted and how big is the room? Even in the bathroom, colors can bring different effects. While creamy colors can beautify the bathroom and make it appear homely, combined blue shades can provide an adventurous underwater flair. Also, the incidence of daylight and the size of the bathroom play a crucial role in the color choice. Dark or bright colors should be avoided in small bathrooms and used only for accessories or sections.

Inspired interior home decor design (28)

Everyone defines the concept of their dream modern  living room differently. However, if you follow a few basic rules, you can make the most of every living room. On the one hand, one should always keep in mind the conditions of the room and, on the other hand, let personal preferences be incorporated into the design. A living room becomes a home when it reflects individuality and is inviting. Living room interior design made easy: Although one can let off steam creatively in the design on the one hand, on the other hand, it must always be kept in mind that the living room should fit the overall picture. We’ll tell you how to combine all this, where to get the key living ideas for your living room, and what else to keep in mind to make your living room your dream modern living room:

Inspired interior home decor design (27)

Heart of every apartment: the living room! It is almost the inner city of the apartment or the house – the center in which everything converges. When setting up this room, it is important to first define its various functions. In the living room very different needs meet: the youngest want to play, the adults relax reading a book or watching a movie, drinking or talking in a cozy atmosphere.

Inspired interior home decor design (26)

Before choosing the right wall paint, you should consider whether you want to give the entire living room a new coat of paint or accentuate only partial areas. The size of the room also plays a crucial role in terms of the wall color: While pastel shades highlight small spaces, pop colors are better suited for large living rooms or individual areas. Since the incidence of sunlight can change a wall color up to several nuances, you should always test the color on small areas and observe over the duration of a day. This picture shows u idea that how to make spacious living room with beautiful decor.

Inspired interior home decor design (25)

A practical trend is also airy storage furniture: Sideboards, chests of drawers. With a glass front, the storage space becomes a showroom in no time and thus a stage for favorite pieces and decorative objects. Opaque closed storage furniture, on the other hand, ensures a calm appearance. Half-high shelves are also great police officers and great helpers when it comes to visually defining the room: they serve as airy room divider!

Inspired interior home decor design (24)

The bedroom is the part of the apartment that is always a bit more private than the other rooms. Here we relax, dress up, here we mull in winter, when snow and cold have caused joy, but also shivering feet. Decorating the bedroom with a nice decoration is always a win. Because: The room in which we recover the energy!

Inspired interior home decor design (23)

Bed spring beds are a huge trend. They bring the flair of a luxury hotel into their own four walls – leave you like lying on clouds and dreaming in paradise. It’s better to buy box spring beds from quality bedding shops – heavenly restful sleep with this luxury bed is guaranteed!

Inspired interior home decor design (22)


Inspired interior home decor design (21)

They should match the style of living in the bedroom and personal taste. That’s why there are also motifs in the bed linen country or designs in which linen is baroque.Whether you like his linen modern, or bed linen romantic preference is quite a matter of taste. Cuddly bedding is pure luxury with the right choice.

Inspired interior home decor design (20)


Inspired interior home decor design (18)


Inspired interior home decor design (17)


Inspired interior home decor design (16)


Inspired interior home decor design (15)


Inspired interior home decor design (14)


Inspired interior home decor design (13)


Inspired interior home decor design (12)


Inspired interior home decor design (11)


Inspired interior home decor design (10)


Inspired interior home decor design (9)


Inspired interior home decor design (7)


Inspired interior home decor design (6)


Inspired interior home decor design (5)


Inspired interior home decor design (4)


Inspired interior home decor design (3)


Inspired interior home decor design (2)


Inspired interior home decor design (1)

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