6 Simple and Easy Garden Landscaping Ideas


Are you looking for a simple and easy garden landscape ideas? Curbs off-site is one of the biggest contributions to the value of your home. And what makes or destroys the sidewalk? Landscape front page.

In fact, a study by Michigan State University found that a good landscape can increase the value of a felt house of 5-11%. However, your own page is the first impression visited by people when they pass your house or go up to your front door.

1. Add the rock feature

Even if you use different materials for the border of the garden bed, adding stones or stones will create a natural accent profile that is underestimated. In many cases, the idea of ​​landscape pages with rocks can also play an important role, such as making stone channels for rainwater channels that prevent areas that are too muddy. Other ideas include dividing beds or adding pussy edges to the sidewalk. This project will only run around $ 20- $ 50, depending on how much surface includes.

2. Simple and easy garden landscape ideas

Outdoor lighting is not expensive (up to $ 20) and most often powered by solar energy. This means you can choose the color of the color you like, place it on the ground along the boardwalk or on the edge of the flower bed. And let them turn on the front  garden design at night.

You can also improve to extraordinary features such as lights, hidden lighting, or even artificial stones with internal lights that blend in with your landscape.

3. Increase the bed border

It only changes the overall look of plants and properties that exist only by repairing or updating the border of flower beds. Tile is maintained with a series of $ 30 plastic grass, a prefabricated block and natural stone is a good candidate, depending on the style of your home.

simple and easy garden landscape

4. ground cover factory to hide unsightly areas seen

Not every flat page and grass doesn’t grow everywhere. With land cover similar to Pachysandra. You can add vegetables and colors to the area where shade or slopes make it difficult for the grass to grow. With seasonal maintenance, ground cover can be beautiful and professional without overtaking page parts. Where grass and other features are shining.

5. Grow eternal bush in front of your house

If you plant eternal bushes such as Azaleas or Hydrangea, they will return to Flowering year after year and add color to the front of the house. Many are quite cheap (around $ 40) and easily stored. Be sure to consult a local garden expert if you need more information about how to plant it in a sufficient space. When should trim, and how to cut hard plants to prevent complicated growth.

6. Create a garden bed around your mailbox

Planting some Jasmine flowers crawling next to your mailbox. Create simple and easy garden landscape to insert small mulch. All of these sizes are available for around $ 75 and can add color and personality to the end of the highway.

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